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Japan Calamity

With destruction continuing in Japan, the death toll has risen to an estimated 18,000 with several thousand more missing. Hundreds of thousands remain homeless and rebuilding the country will cost an approximated $235 billion.

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Show Me the (Halal) Money!

Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah has written a translation & commentary of a treatise about getting involved in business & industry. Download the E-Book now:

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Why is Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya So Hyped?

See for yourself why he’s even on a horse…

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How Qabeelat Fawz Smashed it

SubhanAllah! Can this be… Surely not?! These are the thoughts that resonated the minds of many as a gasp of surprise emanated in the seminar room. The whole audience gasped at the sight of…

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New York New York!

~~ Mubarak Qabeelat Tayybah ~~ After a beautiful night with all our 17 shuyukh who attended last night’s Mesmerized: Evening of Qur’an, the Grand Liwaa’ Announcement was made. New York New York! The Top Performing Qabeelah of the Year! Congratulations. … Read More »

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Painting the town Purple

Calgary held its annual One Ummah Conference in February this year and AlMaghrib was there to represent. With four of our instructors on the speaker lineup and two booths at the bazaar, we made sure to paint the town purple, … Read More »

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Minnesota goes for Gold again

For years, Minnesota has been insisting on AlMaghrib to come to its Twin Cities. Finally, they got the opportunity to prove to the AlMaghrib world, Minnesota is no joke. Qabeelat Madinatayn sold out its first two seminars – Love Notes … Read More »

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My heart jolted for the 17th time

We’ve invited the ENTIRE AlMaghrib Institute Faculty to mesmerize us with an evening of Qur’an – they’ll each recite verses of their choice; then explain how they were specifically inspired by them. That’s 17 recitations of the beautiful Qur’aan! Mesmerized: … Read More »

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