Malaysia, here we come!

AlMaghrib. MALAYSIA! It’s official! AlMaghrib in MALAYSIA has begun!

AlMaghrib has a vast international student audience, and it brings me great honor to unite my brothers and sisters in the West, with my brothers and sisters in the Far East.
Qabeelat Ihsaan is the student tribe name they selected.

Here’s a little bit about the AlMaghrib team in Malaysia:

1. When I was first starting AlMaghrib, a group of 8-12 Malaysian sisters would always support AlMaghrib USA by driving 2-3 hours to attend from the universities they were studying at. That was back in 2002, and now many years later, they have moved back to Malaysia and have always kept in their heart that they wanted to bring AlMaghrib to Malaysia. And alhamdulillah, their dream and ours has come true!

2. Malaysia is the first Muslim majority country that AlMaghrib will be teaching! And the first in Asia! It’s a different frontier than what we are used to in the West, but in sha Allah, the lessons learned from Malaysia may be later passed on to AlMaghrib in other Muslim countries. Again, ma sha Allah, Malaysia is a pioneer in this regard.

3. AlMaghrib Malaysia is officially registered with the Company Commission of Malaysia.

4. Interestingly, when a new city opens, they might have one or two on the team who have been to an AlMaghrib seminar. Yet, on our Malaysian team, we have TWELVE brothers and sisters who have attended AlMaghrib, both in the USA and the UK. (But none from Canada, yet :) . Soon in sha Allah.)

5. AlMaghrib instructor, Sh.Waleed Abdulhakeem, traveled to Malaysia in August 2010 and spent considerable time with the AlMaghrib team advising them.

6. The first seminar in Asia, in Malaysia, is going to be Sh.Riad’s “A Heart Serene” *ahem, my recommendation*.

Allah joined our hearts with this great Deen of Islam. And it is so sweet to be alive to see the day when AlMaghrib makes a bridge for the Muslims between West and Far East!  So far we’ve joined North America with the UK, and now alhamdulillah here we go joining Malaysia to North America/UK.

Hey, for everyone in the West thinking of a vacation: why not go and vacation in Malaysia while taking an AlMaghrib seminar!

Best of success to Malaysia, and in sha Allah all the instructors and I are looking forward to meeting you.

– Muhammad Alshareef
President, AlMaghrib Institute

In the comment section below, type your words of support for our brothers and sisters AlMaghrib initiative in Malaysia.

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76 Responses to Malaysia, here we come!

  1. Sadaf S (Tayybah) says:

    Masha Allah tabarakAllah…WOW! This is amazing news. My dua’as and best wishes go out to the AlMaghrib Malaysia crew! May Allah put barakah in your efforts and make you all a success in duniya and akhirah.

  2. Ridhwaana says:

    Mabrook…this is awesome news…
    AlMaghrib…is slowly taking over the world! love it.
    Whats even more greater is the crew are ALM students…inshAllah may ALM flourish in these new lands and be as successful as the rest of the qabaail have been. May you all benefit from the experience.
    My next holiday: definitely Malaysia!

  3. bint Suhail says:

    Welcome Qabeelat Ihsaan!

    MashaAllah TabarakAllah ….i’m sure all of us Westerners are looking forward to using Al-Maghrib to visit Malaysia…. or is using a visit to Malaysia to attend an Al-maghrib course there?!


    May Ar-Razzaq Ar Raheem bless your Qabeelat with His Mercy and Blessings.ameen.

    A Heart Serene is the most awesome course ever…my very first al-Maghrib course…and i’ve been hooked on them ever since!!

  4. Bader Fatima says:

    Assalamu alaikum sisters & brothers in Malaysia,
    Welcome to AlMaghrib family. May Allah Ta’ala bless you all & increase your beneficial knowledge.
    Do not forget to take your parents with you for the seminars, that is how I have become an Almaghrib addict after my daughter took me along.
    SubhanAllah it is a beautiful way of learning, even the exams are fun.
    We might come for a seminar & have a vacation there inshaAllah, like the shaykh says.
    Ma’assalamah from USA

  5. Sofia says:

    MashaAllah! MashaAllah! MashaAllah!

    Excellent news indeed! May Allah aid them in this great endeavor to learn the deen. Ameen

    When’s the first class, a vacation in Malaysia sounds really good now :)

  6. Nabeel says:

    Alhamdulilah… That is awesome news… Canada, US, UK, Malaysia and counting! May Allah continue to bless the Malaysian brothers and sisters with the hidaya, strength and perseverance to grow their Qabeelat into an AMAZING success. Ameen.

  7. Rayda says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Banu Ouyoun is so supportive of ALMaghrib that we attend the seminars everywhere. We attend the US, CANADA & UK . Now , we have just registered for the 1st class in Malaysia, insha’Alllah. Being originally from the Philippines, I can’t wait to bring the Shuyookh to Manila and benefit the Filipinos .

  8. thanveer says:

    Alhamdulillah!! great news…May Allah make the path easier for Ihsaan team. ameen.

  9. Masha’Allah! TabarakAllah!

    Welcome to the AlMaghrib Family, Qabeelat Ihsaan! :)

    Omar Ahmedmia
    Qabeelat Fawz | AlMaghrib Midlands UK

  10. Nadia Abuisnaineh (Madinatayn) says:

    Masha Allah this is amazing news! Qabeelat Ihsaan has a special place in our hearts, because we launched our efforts around the same time as them (even though they’ve been working on their efforts for so much longer!!)…and we will grow together insha Allah!

    A Heart Serene??? What an amazing way to start an amazing journey! May Allah put barakah in their efforts and accept from all their hard work!

  11. Amar Razali says:

    Wa’alaykum salaam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakaatuh Shaykh Muhammad,

    Jazak Allah Khayr for the announcement! Allah is my witness that the whole team is so humbled & ecstatic with this great news, subhanAllah! On this blessed day of Jumu’ah, AlMaghrib Malaysia is officially announced.

    After Sujd ash Shukr, I couldn’t afford but to throw a few punches in the air – as a fact of satisfaction & excitement, subhanAllah :)

    Ahlan wa Sahlan! Glad tidings to the seekers of knowledge! May they be protected beneath the wings of the angels by the Mercy of Allāh ‘azza wajall!

  12. Nazirah says:

    Alhamdulillah it finally comes! I would like to thank to those who have been working hard for making this come true. Can’t wait to continue my alMaghrib very soon! =)

  13. Zia says:

    Jazzak Allha for the news Shaykh, May Allah increase your knowledge in deen and dunya for bringing the two communties of belivers together.

  14. Filsan says:

    M A B R O O K Ya Ahlul Malaysia!!
    This is Fantastic News Ma sha Alah :)
    May Allah bless your qabeelat with continued success and reward you all for the benefit that you have brought to your community….ameen

  15. Sophia says:

    This makes me want to visit Malaysia even more!! tabarakAllah!!

  16. Sana F (Durbah) says:

    Subhan’Allah! this is SUCH amazing news – & Shaykh you couldnt have picked a better seminar to kick it all off for our Brothers and Sisters in Malaysia!

    May Allah bless us with much more knowledge and the sustenance to tread on the right path insha’Allah!!


  17. Zubair Usman says:

    I’m so thrilled for you guys! Masha’allah tabarakallah. 1-2-3 YOU ROCK! You’ll be hearing a lot more of that at your first seminar :-)

  18. Masha’Allah, this is great news! I’ve always seen “Bring AlMaghrib to Malaysia” across the Forums, Facebook, and blogosphere, and am now happy that their dream and vision has come true. May Allah grant you much success! Ameen.

  19. Sophia (Formerly in Tayybah) says:


    I will be there for your first seminar inshallah, and with your help, can then start one up in Singapore!

  20. Asima B says:

    this is GREAT news Allah hu-akbar.

    May Allah (swt) provide his bounty and blessings in creating this pioneer project a success.

  21. Abdulrahman Addy says:

    AllaahuAkbar, AllaahuAkbar, AllaahuAkbar! May Allaah makes it easy for the Muslims all over.

  22. UmmSakinah says:


    Allahu Akbar!!!!! I’m so elated to be reading this again after reading the very same thing in my inbox. Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us as a family with the opportunity to attend one Almaghrib volunteer meeting while we were in Malaysia that only really came about as a result of an unexpected delay in returning to the US, walhamdulillah, and I have to say I’m very impressed with the organization of the Qabeelah in Malaysia. Great job guys! And please keep me updated even though I’m far away.

    Mubaarak! May Allah reward, bless, and make this a means of acquiring more blessing for the Muslims in Malaysia. Ameen!

    Next time we go back inshaallah, I’ll hv something else to look forward to inshaallah!

  23. Masha Allah .. Tabarak Allah .. This is amazing news .. May Allah(swt) grant the greatest success to our brothers and sisters in Malaysia and reward them for all their hard work. Would love to bring my family there for a vacation in Kaula Lampur and experience a class at Banu Ihsaan. I love the city of Kaula Lampur. It has an amazing uniqueness to it.

  24. ali says:

    may ALLAH help you all and put you all at the highest rank of Jannah. May ALLAH swt make you successful in this world as well.


  25. Ayan says:

    Assalamu alaikum Qabeelat Ihsan

    Alhamdulillah!! What amazing news :) May Allah (SWT) bless each and every person involved in bringing AlMaghrib to Malaysia. Subhanallah where is next ?

    Also the Heart Serene is the perfect class to begin with brothers and sisters reading this, words cannot even explain how awesome it was. I don’t remember how many times I cried out fear & love for Allah, or laughed until I started crying.

    It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Spending two weekends with the works of Ibn Qayyim, Shaykh Riad, and a packed classroom has done wonders for me. I wish every Muslim in the world could have experienced it, as well. This class changes you from the inside out starting with the most important question “Do you LOVE Allah(SWT) and his messenger (SAW)”

    InshaAllah one day I can take a class with you. :)

  26. Shaybah(San Diego) says:

    This is a great blessing at the same time may Allah continue to bless your efforts.

  27. Zakia Usmani says:

    Masha Allah that’s great news. May Allah grant huge success to AlMaghrib team in Malaysia and may Allah continue to bless your efforts. ameen

  28. Nasreen Khan says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum Qabeelaat Ihsan,

    Alhamdulillah! This is GREAT news. Those of you who have not attended Al-Maghrib seminars, you will LOVE them. It is like a “money-back-guarantee” where you are NEVER disappointed or dissatisfied with the seminars. You get to earn a WEALTH of knowledge from the EXCELLENT instructors, plus you become one BIG family. Let us hope and pray that this first step in Asia becomes the stepping stone for the whole of Asia. Ameen. May Allah SWT Bless your Qabeelat, and reward Al-Maghrib for its efforts in spreading His Deen. Ameen.

  29. Faika says:

    Since my husband and I had a vacation in Malaysia last year, we’ve always dreamed of returning. Subhanallah, our duas are answered.
    QIhsaan here we come! We will now return but instead to attend an AlMaghrib course, Inshallah. You are the best!

  30. Bara says:

    Masha Allah–may Allah put His blessings in Al-Maghrib Malaysia and make it a source of guidance and light for our brothers and sisters there, Ameen!

  31. yousufsyed says:

    Masha Allah, a warm welcome to our brothers and sisters in Malaysia.

  32. Owais says:

    Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen. I am delighted to hear this news. A grand welcome to all into the family of AlMaghrib. And subhanAllah what a chance you have – Attending “The Heart Serene” with Sheik Riaz. GUYS, PLS DO NOT MISS IT. I GUARANTEE THAT, INSHAALLAH, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIVES FOR GOOD. IT IS MY REQUEST TO YOU TO TAKE SOME TIME OUT FOR THIS COURSE. NOT JUST FOR THE COURSE BUT ALSO FOR THE MAN WHO WILL TEACH IT, INSHAALLAH. SHEIK RIAZ QURZOUZI. YOU ALL WILL LOVE HIM FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH JUST AS I DO.

    MA Assalami

  33. Masha-Allah. It is really good News! Insha-Allah, AlMaghrib Malaysia will be additional door of guidance for us Muslims in Asia. Good Luck May Allah increase your strength and knowledge to spread the word of Allah and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

  34. Noria Namaz says:

    As Salaam Alaikum, I am just itching to get out of Dodge. A vacation in Malaysia sounds good to me. Great News.

  35. Liza says:

    Masha’allah tabarakallah, and now that I have a ilmrush card I have the perfect excuse to visit Malaysia ( for the sake of knowledge). Here I come Malaysia…wooooohoooooo

  36. Zain Ali Arshad says:

    When/where do i book my flight :P
    great work AlMaghrib.. lets keep going inshaAllah!!

  37. Miza says:

    Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alameen. We are so very grateful to host AlMaghriv in Malaysia. Jazakum Allahu khayran kathiran to the shaykh, the other qabeelah, everyone for their support! I can’t wait to attend “A Heart Serene” in Kuala Lumpur and I only heard great things about it!

  38. Zohal says:

    MashAllah! This is great news!
    May Allah grant your Qabeelat success!
    Looks like Malaysia is my next vacation destination inshAllah ;)
    Expect a visit from Haqq-ian (Southern California) in a future seminar inshAllah (:

  39. Nofifah says:

    Masha Allah. May Allah accept the ibadah and reward you the best. You will be in my dua.

  40. Yumna says:

    mashAllah -barak Allah to Al-Maghrib team!
    I hope and pray that the next muslim country be Pakistan!

  41. Marwa says:

    MashAllah TabarakAllah! this is wonderful news and I am soo excited for our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. InshAllah this will be an encouraging experience that will help take AlMaghrib to many other majority-Muslim countries bi ithnillah ta3ala (esp. the Arab countries inshAllah!!!!!!)
    May Allah swt bless this effort multi-fold and give us a chance to support it in whatever way we can.

  42. Nahyan says:

    That is excellent, mashaAllah.

  43. Mohammad says:

    alhamdulillah! thinking of doing my masters in malaysia.. i was sad to be back at home in bangladesh as i used to taking al maghribUSA classes once every month… now this news just gave me goose bumps and i am so happy and thankful to Allah for once again inshAllah giving me the opportunity to learn about my deen. I also want almaghrib to be in bangladesh once day, inshAllah. may Allah bless this team with success that people can learn from.

  44. Areeb Shams says:

    Mashallah, this is amazing!

  45. dalia abdurezak says:

    Asalam alakium Malasyia!!!

    Allahamdallah rabi alameen! May you have great success with Al Maghrib Institute as much as we love it here in the USA. The teachers are mashallah top of the creme. Mashallah your country is known for its mass muslims, but more importantly practicing muslims. May Allah SWT make this a success in your country and spread all throughout Asia-Amen!
    Asalam alakium warhamtuallah wabarkatu! : )

  46. Bushra Sohaib says:

    Masahallah Its good to know that more people will benefit from Al Magrib. May Allah bless the team. I wish the programe also starts in Pakistan.

  47. Nadijah says:

    mashaAllah this is wonderful news and a great step towards a united ummah inshaAllah

  48. sabeha habeeb says:

    assalamualaikum and mabrook ,
    mashallah this is absolutely good news,may Allah tala accept you all and make the path easy for one and all.ameen.
    i pray al maghrib gets its foothold here in bangalore india too.

  49. Ayisha says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    When is it comung to Dubai?

  50. Reem says:

    Allahu Akbar! May Allah give you victory and guide you in every step your team makes…ameen!

  51. Ayisha says:

    sorry coming*
    i am a big fan of Al Maghrib….and always wish i could come there…but my parents wouldn’t allow me o come alone there..!! so hoping that it will come here soon…InshAllah..!!


  52. Shabran says:

    Asalaam Alaikum

    Mashallah this is an excellent opportunity for Muslims in Malaysia to take these excellent seminars. I have been to one myself and I have to say hands down that it was the best weekend I have had in a very long time Alhumdulillah. You learn so much and the environment is really nice. Calm and relaxing. If you have the opportunity you should 100% go and don’t let this opportunity go.

  53. Zahra says:

    Great news masha’ Allah!

  54. thanveer says:

    its so amazing reading all these comments.mashaAllah. we are with u ihsaan. go go go! XD

  55. Zara says:

    AssalamuAlaikum, I remember taking the early classes with Muhammad AlShareef in NJ. These Malaysian sisters were always so dedicated to the classes and were so kind. When they graduated college and were returning back to Malaysia one by one, it was a very teary day for the sisters of Almaghrib during their last seminars. Alhumdulilah, it makes me very happy that they have not forgotten us and are doing their very best to make Almaghrib part of their country just as much as we here pride ourselves with.

  56. zulfa says:

    TabarakAllah peeps :) Super cool news. Many more great things to come from you all Insha’Allah. I am SUPER EXCITED for you all, A Heart Serene is an amazing course and one that you will treasure dearly.

  57. Nisma says:

    Salaam brothers & sisters in Malaysia,
    This is indeed great news:-) Masha Allah,, May Allah swt shower you with his nehma for your efforts & ultimate success in the duniya & akhira ,, Shaikh Riad Quarzazi, is absolutely a brilliant teacher, Masha allah,, so dynamic ( just my favourite) Please dont miss the opportunity to be taught by his unique style ,, Go for it, Insha Allah

  58. Nafeesa S says:


    Allahu Akbar! Mabrook Qabeelat Ihsaan! This is amazing news, just made my day! :)

    From Qabeelat Asad, Montreal :)

    • Daood says:

      Maa Shaa Allah!! Nice to see Montrealers who are aware of whats going on in Malaysia! Now lets see……can Ihsaan outdo the numbers of Qabeelat Puddy Cat……..uhumm…..I mean Asad!!

  59. Nad says:

    Definitely great news! Salam frm Malaysia..

  60. Umm Zahid says:

    Jazakallah khair to all brothers and sisters of AlMaghrib.Ameen to all of your du’as.we really need your du’as.. Insha’Allah we want u to visit us here.Now that AlMaghrib is in Malaysia,you can have your vacation and learning the deen at the same time.pretty good deal don’t u think? ;)

  61. Sumara says:

    MashAllah awesome news alhamdulillah!!

  62. zaidan ismail rashid says:

    I thank Allah i should have live to see the day when Al Magrib is in Malay sia ,where it will be very easy for some of us from AFRICA to attend .
    I Will continue my prayers to see it happening in Africa and to be precise Ghana

  63. Abdul Shukoor says:

    wow! Qabeelah Ihsaan is the new talk of the town, great work guys, May Allah swt accept your hard work and reward u with succes in dunya and akhira, ameen!. One more reason to visit Malaysia. hehe

  64. masita says:


    Subhanallah. Welcome to Malaysia!! May Allah bless us all till herefter, Insya Allah. Insya Allah, I will join the seminar, dont forget in letting me know about this. syukran jazilan.

  65. Faz says:

    When would it be?

  66. Ummi3 says:

    MashaAllah!..this Is amazing..inshaAllah we’ll be coming from Singapore.May Allah bless your works and keep your intentions pure..this is a blessing for the ummah inshaAllah!

  67. Muslim says:

    Bagus2..Hopefully we will get the same quality speakers and classes as we had there at the States

  68. Ayesha says:

    MashaAllah! I really want to attend it :)

  69. Halijah says:

    Alhamdulillah….hope Allah makes it easy for us in Malaysia to join the seminars insyaAllah. Thank you for choosing Malaysia!

  70. abdullah says:

    I am very interested in this website .. I really need a change in my life. effects in the long term. forever. I will sacrifice everything for that purpose.InsyaALLAH….

  71. athar says:


  72. MindMineral says:

    Maasha’Allah!!! ALLAHU AKBAR! Tabarak Allah Ajmaeen! Hopefully I will see you all one day :)

  73. Emma says:

    Alhamdulillah, am so psyched for AlMaghrib’s inaugural course in Malaysia! May Allah ease your task, your path and your dealings here.. you have hundreds of fans already waiting :)

  74. 'Amirah says:

    Salaamullah ‘aleykum,
    Masya-Allah, this is a great news! Insyallah, I’m looking for al-Maghrib up coming seminars here in Malaysia. Really want to attend it if I ever have that chance, insyallah. Thank you for choosing Malaysia, much appreciated! Allah bless insyallah,,,