Final call for the Muslim iPad!

This Thursday marks the end of the Muslim iPad opportunity

Simply speak your mind and you can get a free iPad loaded with exclusive AlMaghrib videos.

It’s that easy. Five questions to give your feedback and you have a chance to win a Muslim iPad.

No Strings Attached ยป

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3 Responses to Final call for the Muslim iPad!

  1. sun says:

    Alhamulilla,I attend my first seminar The Prophet Smile, it was really perfect, I came here to the US before 3 years,since then I had no chance to be with a big Muslim group, it was refreshing and it charged me to continue my life with stronger believe that Alla SW will be with me,because I felt that my Iman start decreasing ,I was soooo scared.
    Enshalla i’ll try my best to attend most the seminars.
    Gaza allho the workers and the shakes khayr algaza.

  2. suffiya qadar says:

    I can’t explain how much, alhamdulillah, almaghrib has changed my life. It has been that ilm boost that we all need and now I can’t imagine my life without it. I am always eagerly awaiting the next seminar while still remembering the life changing experience of the last seminar. Thank you almaghrib for making me change to who I am today and who inshAllah, I will become in the future.jazakallah
    your scottish sister, Suffiya Qadar

  3. Parveez Anwar says:

    ASAK/wrwb: So far I attended two Al-Maghrib Seminars “Divine Link – Fiqh of Salah” and “Purification Act – Fiqh of Worship”. I not only enjoyed every bit of two-weekend sessions but learned and improved my knowledge quite a bit. Now I look forward to take more of these classes from Al-Maghrib Institute and encourage my entire family and friends to take these classes. I was anxiously waiting for the “Love Notes – Marriage & Family Life” which was going to be held on February 4-6 in Albuquerque, but unfortunately it got cancelled which was a very big disappointment for me and my family. But, InshAllah, if more classes come to Albuquerque, I am planning to attend each one of them. Right now, I can’t afford to travel to other cities to take these classes, but in future, by Allah (SWT)’s blessings, if I can afford, I will definitely travel and attend these classes, it is well worth it for the amount of information and knowledge these classes offer to us. May Allah (SWT) bless all of us with Islamic Knowledge to teach others and make us successful in this life and in the life Hereafter. Ameen!