New Instructor Launches E-Book

Nobody wants to experience it yet everybody needs to learn it…

When it happens, there’s no second changes. Shaykh Waleed Abdulhakeem, our newest AlMaghrib Instructor, has launched a free e-book entitled, “16 Things to Do When a Person is Dying“.

Click here to download

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3 Responses to New Instructor Launches E-Book

  1. Maryam Amir says:

    Jazakum AllAhu khayran and taqabal Allah inshaAllah!

  2. gunay says:

    Assalamu aleykum ! Thank You very much for this book ! Jazaka Allahu Khayru ! :)

  3. Afaf says:

    Aaslam U Alaikum

    I really love this book. I didn’t know some thing which I should have known before. BUt jazakum Allah khiarun to you guys that you sent this book…
    We normally don’t do that.
    so thanks once again
    May Allah reward you with best
    Aameen Allah hum’a Aamen