AlMaghrib Institute Registration Policies

Students are expected to fulfill and abide by all the following registration requirements and policies listed below. Failure to do so may result in the individual being dropped from the class without a refund. Strict adherence to these policies helps alleviate classroom interruptions, misconduct, and congestion. AlMaghrib Institute commends you on your quest for knowledge and is confident that students will respect both the knowledge and the instructor. May Allah ta’ala accept and reward your noble intention and make your step towards knowledge a step on the path towards Jannah. Ameen.


Students must register using their full legal name and provide accurate information, which may need to be validated with their photo ID. Each student is required to have a unique email address upon registering not shared with another student. Any duplicate emails will result in an incomplete registration.

Individuals are not allowed to enter or attend (sit in) the class without registration and payment.

Tuition and Late Fees

Students must pay the complete tuition by the first day of the seminar at the latest. Failure to do so may prevent students from being admitted into the seminar and/or receiving seminar materials.

IlmRush Card

At the beginning of each year, students have the opportunity to purchase an IlmRush Card granting them an unlimited number of free seminars and a series of discounts with all AlMaghrib and EmanRush programs and products. The IlmRush Card is non-transferrable and non-refundable. For more information, visit:

Privacy Policy

We do not store financial details (credit or debit card numbers) for any Paypal transactions.

Methods of Payment

Seat confirmation is guaranteed only after payment is made and will be based on a first PAY first serve basis. Students are highly encouraged to pay online by credit card once they have created their own MyAlMaghrib profile:

Payments may also be mailed to one of our offices:

For all seminars held in the US:
AlMaghrib Institute US
1 S 270 Summit Ave., Suite 100, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, 60181

For all seminars held in Canada:
AlMaghrib Institute Canada
1 Stafford Road, Suite 421 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2H 1B9

For all seminars held in the UK:
AlMaghrib Institute UK
PO Box 54454 London, UK E10 5UT

Note: Payment for students who pay by mail must be received by the Wednesday before the start of the seminar; the payment must be postmarked no later than the Monday before the start of the seminar.

Students also have the option of paying by credit card over the phone:

US/Canada (9AM – 5PM EST) - 1-888-ALMAGHRIB (256-2447)
UK (2PM – 10PM GMT) - 0203-004-9027

Students paying onsite must bring tuition amount in check (cheque), money order (payable to AlMaghrib Institute), or credit card (Visa/MasterCard only). CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ONSITE.

Wristbands and Seminar Binders

Upon arrival, each paid student is provided an AlMaghrib wristband to identify them as a paid student in addition to a seminar binder. All students are requested to wear the wristband for the duration of the weekend and be prepared to present it at anytime upon request. Should a student fail to present a provided wristband, he/she will not be permitted to enter the class.

The wristband replacement fee if lost is - $3 USD/CAD or £1 The binder replacement fee if lost is - $10 USD/CAD or £5

Age Limit

The minimum age limit is 14 years old unless otherwise stated. Students must be of age by the start of the seminar.

Refunds and Transfers

Should a student not be able to attend a paid seminar, he/she is expected to inform the Office of the Registrar immediately. The student has the option to transfer the payment to a future seminar in any of the cities worldwide. Conversely, students may cancel their registration and request a refund only if they paid the regular tuition and submitted the request no later than the first day of the seminar. All refund requests are subject to a $10, £3 or RM30 administrative fee. Refund requests may be submitted here:

Should a student not be satisfied with a seminar, he/she has until 3 pm of the first Saturday of the seminar to request a refund. Request for refunds after this deadline will not be approved.

There will be no refunds approved for payments made at discounted tuition rates.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to maintain Islamic adab (etiquettes) in all interactions with fellow students, instructors, and staff members. Students who display inappropriate behavior or disrespect may be removed from the seminar.

For all questions regarding registration, please contact the Office of the Registrar

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