The Structure

The Two-Weekend Structure

The two-weekend AlMaghrib Institute structure is our way of thinking outside the box. Can Islam be taught in an eight-week summer program or in a two-hour lecture on Sundays? Our communities concede that this can be done. Then why can't those same hours be put into a two weekend intensive format, with high quality instruction and material for maximum benefit? This is what AlMaghrib Institute seeks to do.

In the past, people would come to The Prophet (Peace be upon him), spend a short time with him and with the companions, then return to their people, successfully bringing not just a few people, but entire nations to understand Islam properly. It was their sincerity, their strong minds, and their strong wills that allowed for this change to take place, with the grace of Allah. These are the qualities that AlMaghrib Institute seeks to resurrect in its students – sincerity, strong minds, and strong wills.


Experience has shown us that most students seeking to learn about Islam prefer a course taught from a variety of Islamic books and not just one source. For example, in the first Tafsir seminar, the information will be gathered from At-Tabari, Ibn Kathir, Al-Qurtubi, as well as others.

On Location

An additional feature of AlMaghrib Institute is that it is not confined to a specific building or a particular locality. Although AlMaghrib Institute's main headquarters is in Houston, Texas, AlMaghrib seminars are offered in Universities and Islamic centers across the United States, Canada and the UK. Presently, AlMaghrib Institute seminars are offered in nineteen U.S. locations, ten in Canada, and five in the UK.

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