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Now that might work for some folks, but for Muslims and their money matters that couldn’t be more wrong.That’s because the RIZQ that we consume will
ultimately determine the BARAKAH in our lives!

And in our experience, we found that the one area we Muslims are super ignorant about are our finances, the things we spend money on, the jobs that we work in, the contracts we sign, our businesses, how to buy and sell correctly, all the thousands of transactions that happen in front of our eyes every day of which we are an integral part. Yet we have – at worst – no concern, and at best little idea of whether we are falling into haram and thereby ruining our Dunya as well as our Akhirah.

Think about the following scenarios and see if they relate to you:

  • If you walk into the shop to buy a packet of Doritos but then see a promotional packet of Walkers which enters you into a competition – is it permissible to buy the Walkers?
  • You need credit on your phone – there’s a deal on at the moment which offers $20 worth of calls for only $15. Is that halal?
  • My pension plan has just been explained: my employer is happy to pay a whopping 10% contribution from his side if we go for a Final Salary option – is it a green light?
  • You know the answer to that question! The advert then continues, “Call 0845 666 666 and choose the right letter to win a cruise to the Caribbean! Calls cost no more than 25p/per minute or text your answer for a one-time charge of one pound only!” Are you like, “Pass me the phone Mum!” or “Do I look that dumb?”
  • Our local Islamic bank is a life-saver! They’ve been able to introduce an Islamic loan for five grand! I can now get the car I wanted – right?
  • I love that game at the fair –you know the one when you pay a quid and use the mechanical crane arm to choose your favourite ted... erm, toy for your kid. But man, I can never do it! The operator always gets it first time, but I can’t. Hold on, is this game even halal?
  • No better time than the present to buy that house – and my local bank is offering a mortgage at very good rates whereas the Islamic bank is not only more expensive but I’ve looked at the contract – it’s exactly the same thing! Or is it?
  • I bet that I can get home before you can! But hold on, surely it’s haram to say things like that? That’s gambling!
  • If there’s anything safe to invest in then it has to be gold. And guess what, you can actually buy it online now using your Paypal account. But is this halal or haram?
  • You went to the protests but no joy – tuition fees for University are here to stay. Thankfully though, a student loan is available which won’t be charging interest, it’ll just be index linked to inflation rates instead. So that’s allowed isn’t it? Right? Hello?
  • Debit cards are all over the place now but there’s always that hotel you love staying at which won’t accept anything but credit cards. I really need one! And anyway, I’ll never pay any interest on it ever because it’ll clear every month anyway. Surely that’s halal?
  • Time to organize the Mosque 5-aside Football Tournament but committees being committees, they’re not putting up any funds. No problem, we’ll just charge each team a £10 entry fee with the winning team sharing the £100 prize. That’s halal right? We’re a mosque!

  • You know that you found yourself in there somewhere! The reality of course is that we are all getting involved in these and thousands of other transactions every single moment of our lives and it’s time to be able to know how to understand all these issues and get answers so as to protect our Akhirah through keeping it Halal all throughout our lives.

    This seminar, held with the support of one of the experts and pioneers of furthering our understanding of legal and financial matters as Muslims - the 1st Ethical Charitable Trust - will enable you to deal with and find solutions to these situations. We will also be going through the theory and together tackling practical case-based examples on:

  • Understanding the impact of Halal and Haram upon ourselves in this life and the next
  • A detailed look at the most common challenges to keeping it halal with respect to our income and rizq as illustrated by some of the examples above
  • Exploring the concept of money and its use, the banking system, the Capitalist system and in contrast Islamic economic theory and Islamic finance
  • The impermissible aspects of business and contracts, such as riba, gharar, fraud, legal tricks etc
  • Explaining the Islamic ethos to wealth, work, and business
  • Understanding the investment market, pensions, shares, stocks, bonds etc.
  • Money management and how to be Islamically on point as well as making the Dunya work for you as opposed to the other way round
  • A detailed look at other contemporary issues such as car leasing, inflation, loans, competitions, foreign exchange and the burgeoning investment market to name but a few
  • Studying the factors on how to bless and increase our wealth from the Qur’an and Sunnah

AlMaghrib Institute is delighted to announce the re-launch of one of our most essential and critically acclaimed classes:
Pure Paisa – The Fiqh of Earning & Spending. Taught expertly by Sh Abu Eesa,
this specially designed single-weekend seminar will focus on all the matters relevant to YOU, answering all your questions and ensuring you learn everything you need to know about your money and how to keep it HALAL.

"This seminar was an impressive and comprehensive primer on financial matters in everyday life; to appreciate how ribaa can extend into what we may think are innocent money-saving bargains and to understand how as a Muslim I can be conscious of my deen in financial decisions are from the greatest things I took from this seminar. It's a rare one, folks - not one to be missed because 'It doesn't sound like it's for me.' Shaykh Abu Eesa has done well in presenting such a difficult topic and, as always, his signature humour makes an apparently insurmountable subject much lighter to appreciate from the point of view of the jurists and scholars of the 21st century."

"Alhamdulillah this was an excellent course and cannot recommend it enough. In this day and age and of course for us living in the west this is a must. Jazakallah to Sh Abu Eesa for making a topic which is inherently 'dull' very enjoyable...Inshallah I will be able to use the knowledge from this course to ensure my current and future wealth is halaal!"

Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah

Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah is original, addictive and with an unparalleled (and extremely dark!) sense of humour, Shaykh Abu Eesa (universally known as "AE") combines experience, 'ilm and a modern understanding and application which is unique and utterly relevant. Don't be fooled by his jocular exterior - it is unsurprising just how treasured he is to our student body as one of our most passionate and knowledgeable senior instructors.

Born in London, England, he tracks his roots to the Naser Kheil tribe of the North West Frontier in Pakistan. He studied both Pharmacy at the University of Manchester and then Anthropology, and then later studied Arabic, Islamic Law and the Qur'an with its memorisation from scholars in a diverse array of locations. Shaykh Muhammad Salim 'Abdul Wadud al-Shanqiti (rahimullah), Mufti Taqi al-Usmani, Shaykh Abdullah al-Judai' and Shaykh Kehlan al-Jubury count from amongst his many teachers, leading to a real variety of experiences and depth in the Islamic Sciences which are so famously expressed in Shaykh AE's multi-dimensional da'wah and teachings.

Shaykh Abu Eesa previously served as the Resident Scholar of Cheadle Masjid in South Manchester, yet still continues to teach Fiqh weekly there as part of our onsite + online initiative known as "Logical Progression." He was the previous Resident Scholar of the 1st Ethical Charitable Trust in Bolton, an organisation dedicated to civic engagement and Islamic legal and financial education; he was the original founder of 'Prophetic Guidance' (PG) and still remains as the main teacher presenting PG's classes and events such as the famous "Last Testament" play; his popular commentary to 'al-Adab al-Mufrad' class is still aired today on Islamic TV channels. He is also the Vice-Chair of the Al-Qalam Sharī‘ah Panel, the UK's premier fatwa body for legal and financial concerns.

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