Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

"IlmSummit" — IlmSummit 2014 - Double Room

  • London, UK
  • with multiple instructors
  • Starts Dec 19th, 2014
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"IlmSummit" — IlmSummit 2014 - Single Room

  • London, UK
  • with multiple instructors
  • Starts Dec 19th, 2014
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"Divine Link" — Fiqh of Worship II (Salāh)

  • London, UK
  • with Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah
  • Starts Jan 23rd, 2015
  • View » The rulings of adhān, description of the prayer, congregational prayer, Friday prayer, Eid prayer, voluntary prayers, prayer for those who have special needs or circumstances. (Double weekend)

"Touched by an Angel" — Tafsīr Juz' ‘Amma

  • Birmingham, UK
  • with Dr. Reda Bedeir
  • Starts Feb 6th, 2015
  • View » Explanation with lessons and wisdom derived from selected sūrahs from Juz’ Amma. (Single weekend)

"Deception" — Study of Shayṭān

  • Manchester, UK
  • with Shaykh Saad Tasleem
  • Starts Feb 6th, 2015
  • View » Comprehensive study of Shayṭān.

AlMaghrib News

"The Art of Dispute" Ilminar with Sh Yahya Ibrahim!

It is in our human nature to passionately hold firm to our beliefs.

It is in our human nature to defend those beliefs, often at huge cost.

It is in our human nature to criticise others and their beliefs as part of that defence.

But our human nature should work in our interests, and not against us. And it is in our interests to know when to hold tight and when to let go, to critically appraise our own positions and understand the true value of those positions, and what really matters in life and in our community.

This skill is an art. We call it “The Art of Dispute”.

In the run-up to what will be our biggest Ilmsummit yet, held this year in London UK, 19th-28th Dec 2014, we are delighted to present a special promo Ilminar on finding direction and understanding during disagreement, with our Ilmsummit Instructor Sh Yahya Ibrahim.

Do not miss this free worldwide event online on November 16th 20149pm UK Time/4pm Toronto Time, by visiting now.

For more information on Ilmsummit UK 2014 where Sh Yahya will be teaching alongside a number of senior instructors, please visit and book your place asap. Here’s Sh Yahya with the details!

Announced! Our surprise NEW Instructor for IlmSummit is...

If you just watched our #LogicalProgression launch then you will have heard some amazing news. Ilmsummit just got even better!

We are so happy and proud to announce that our surprise new Instructor that we had hinted at weeks ago, will be… Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef!

To say this is a coup would be an understatement. It’s incredibly rare to be able to convince Shaykh Muhammad to give us teaching time with his hectic work and study schedule, but as a special gift for what might be the last IlmSummit to be held in the UK, Shaykh Muhammad has confirmed that he will be teaching two topics!

The first will be a double session as an addendum to Shaykh Abu Eesa’s commentary to Kitab ul-‘Ilm called “Making Your Practice Practical!”, showing students how to make a real difference to themselves and others, giving us the code to translate this knowledge into tangible action. This coming from one of the very few who can claim to have done this in the West with their knowledge, means the value will be amazing.

And in another great piece of news, we are DELIGHTED to announce that Shaykh Muhammad will be teaching a special version of his amazingly successful Visionaire programme, LIVE from IlmSummit! If you think you knew about du'a, think again! It’s time to upgrade your worship!

We sound excited here because we truly are! And we know many people will be feeling the same too, so don’t delay a second and book your place – which you should know will be closing out soon as the places fill up – so ENROL HERE NOW!

We hope to see you there soon.

It's #LogicalProgression Time Again!

It must be that time of year because #LogicalProgression starts again tomorrow evening at 20:15 UK time!

For those who don’t know, “Logical Progression” is our long-term online study class that is broadcast live every Wednesday at 8:15pm local time direct from the UK, in conjunction with our partner Prophetic Guidance that is absolutely FREE of charge and available for all to enjoy on our fully interactive online study portal.

#LogicalProgression is taught by Sh Abu Eesa Niamatullah, and has been so for the last two years, building up a very loyal and happy group of students who appreciate the Shaykh’s teaching of fiqh, ‘aqidah and Q&A sessions on everything Islam especially contemporary issues in his utterly unique way. Once you get bitten with his fiqh bug, you’ll be addicted! Also watch out for the weekly guest appearances from numerous other scholars as well.

If you haven’t registered already, you can do so now for a limited time on before registration will close in a few weeks time. Trust us, when Sh Abu Eesa means limited time, he really does! He demands we close registration very quickly out of respect for his existing students and then it is months before one can get a chance again.

If this is your first time joining #LogicalProgression (called LP for short!) or you’re worried about the two years that you’ve missed, don’t be. Sh Abu Eesa will explain tomorrow evening everything about what has been missed, in a manner which accommodates everyone, and he will also explain the brand new slick student portal that has been custom created for these online lessons.

We are confident that this free class will give you the highest quality and most detailed explanation of our Deen available anywhere online. Every week, minutes after the class is finished, the full lesson video is uploaded, audio files are uploaded, the podcast is prepared the next day, and you will also receive full transcribed notes of the entire lesson. You’ll never miss a thing wherever you are in the world which is probably why there are over 10,000 total students registered for LP all over the world, some never missing the LIVE session whatever the time is in their country, and others just popping in once in a while to catch up using the uploaded resources.

Later, you will be given summary notes and revision notes and aides too. You will never ever believe this is a totally free initiative. The professionalism, organisation and complete service of the #LogicalProgression team will blow your mind and that is their guarantee. Once you experience it, you’ll want to pay for it, but you’ll never have to because this is one of our ways of giving back to our AlMaghrib community who have supported us so loyally for so long.

See you online tomorrow! Remember to tell your friends and family: 8:15pm UK time, Wednesday 5th November!

Register HERE now and as always, with our best wishes,

AlMaghrib Institute

Location, Location, Location!

If it wasn’t enough to be having such a great instructor line-up, amazing topics, and the guaranteed IlmSummit vibe, we also have an awesome venue which just keeps on giving!

Enrol here now:

Those actions that EVERYONE comes out of the cracks for | Sh Abu Eesa | #ProtectThisHouse

Sh Abu Eesa explains the advice of Ibn 'Abbas (radhy Allahu 'anhu) given to a murderer...


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